Six Months of Books

Now that half the year is gone, it really is high time I get around to summarising everything I’ve been reading. I set myself the goal of fifty books this year, and I’m very pleased (not to mention surprised) that I’m well ahead of target with thirty-seven already down (74% of target, 13 books ahead of schedule).

I also set myself the challenge of not buying any more books to add to my TBR pile and I’ve mostly stuck to that, barring a few freebies I’ve picked up and a couple of books I got with a voucher someone gifted me. Going forward, I’m going to continue with my book-ban until either I run out of unread books on my shelves or the end of the year – whichever comes first. (It turns out that I didn’t actually have quite as man unread books as I previously thought, so the goal is totally do-able.)  Continue reading

An Epic Month for Books! (Reading Wrap-Up Sept. ’16)

Stack of Recently Acquired Books
Stack of Recently Acquired Books

After a couple of months of not reading much, September had me flying through books (at least, by my standards). I completed eight things – count ’em, eight!

Current Tally: 39 books read out of 45

Currently Reading: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and Summer Days, Summer Nights: Twelve Summer Romances edited by Stephanie Perkins.

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Demons, Dresden, and… Sea Legs? (Reading Wrap-Up March ’16)

The first book I read this month is one that I got for Christmas, but forgot to mention in my December book haul: Demons of the Hellmouth – a Buffy the Vampire Slayer companion book. Now, I love this book for many reasons – not least of which is the fact that I’m a massive fan of the show.
With its hardback cover and good quality binding, it’s a nice novelty item, written from the perspective of Rupert Giles and including amusing annotations from the rest of the main gang. But there were also bits that irritated my inner pedant, that left me wanting to annotate the thing myself.
At many points, Giles gives details about events that he wasn’t there for, and couldn’t possibly know about, including goings on in an alternative universe. That’s bad enough, but sometimes he even goes further, including direct quotes for some reason. Even if there was a small chance that someone somehow could have passed him details about goings on he missed, I highly doubt they’d tell him what people said, word for word.
These things probably wouldn’t bother most readers but, for me, it kind of broke the spell and detracted from the experience. I gave it three stars.

Carrying on the vague Buffy-related theme, I’m still working through audiobooks including voice work by James Marsters (the actor who played Spike on the show). As such, I listened to She Stoops to Conquer and Hound of the Baskervilles, and am now onto the Dresden Files audiobook series, finishing books one and two (Storm Front and Fool Moon by Jim Butcher) – Loved all of them!

Finally this month, I read Sea Legs and Other Stories, a poetry book by Candice J O’Reilly, leaving my Goodreads reading challenge at fourteen books off my forty-five book target for the year (thirty-one percent complete, three books ahead of schedule).

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Reading Wrap-Up – November ’15

Reading Challenge 2015 badgeHaving previously stated a dislike of audiobooks, I recently decided to give them another chance, and I’m so glad I did! Via an Audible free trial, I got a copy of James Marsters (et al) performing The Importance of Being Earnest, and it was SO good! Sublime and ridiculous, at the same time – what’s not to love?!

My issue with just listening to something instead of having it in front of my face is that I fidget and get distracted. But I have another issue – that of insomnia – which means I, rather regularly, have hours to spend in which my body too tired to do anything, yet my brain too awake to sleep.

Listening to audiobooks during this time was the obvious solution – one that had been pointed out by my partner, some time ago, I must admit – but one that took me a while to come around to. Or maybe it just took me to find the right audiobook. Seriously, I cannot emphasize how much I loved The Importance of Being Earnest. Fantastic book plus favorite actor equals very happy Ellie.

After Earnest, I went on to listen to Go Set a Watchman, which I also loved (Reese Witherspoon: A+). But I must say that I still don’t think I could listen to a book while not in a darkened room, drained of energy. And I listened to a few samples of other audiobooks, and was horrified by the narration of those, so who knows if I’ll continue to enjoy audible tales beyond this. Will keep you posted, either way!

In terms of physical books: I finished P.S. I Love you, read If I StayThe Revenants – a one-off comic book by two Belfast brothers – and started Master of Murder by Christopher Pike.

Where She Went (the sequel to If I Stay) has been requested from my local library and, in the meantime, I’m still reading The Horologicon eBook.

All of that considered, I have completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year – a whole month early!

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