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Ellie has been writing poetry and short stories since primary school and been blogging for ten-plus years.

She has had a number of individual works published alongside others in anthologies and journals, has self-published some collections of poetry and short stories herself, and is currently seeking representation for her debut novel.

She lives in Belfast with her husband, cat, and accidental chihuahua. Click here to read her full bio.

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Ellie’s books of Poetry and Short Stories

In addition to writing, Ellie offers training in social media on a freelance basis. To see what classes she’s currently offering, click here, or read her testimonials here.

NewsWe Need Diverse Books

At the start of March, Ellie had a poem published in the inaugural issue of the Bangor Literary Journal, which you can read online for free here.

April – June she will be teaching Social Media for Creatives at Belfast’s Crescent Arts Centre.

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