Four Season Summer

Four Season Summer & Season’s End – A Novelette in Two Parts

Sometimes being young and in love isn’t the most carefree experience. Especially when life’s happening faster than you can cope with it.

Tom is a teenage guy with no hope for his future, a rap sheet for petty crime as long as his arm, and the brief but blissful prospect of spending his last summer before adulthood with his girlfriend, Brooke.
Brooke has just finished high school, and has the world at her feet, if only she could decide where she wants those feet to lead her.
Together they try to figure out what to do with their lives – as those lives fall down around them. What they don’t know is that just a few days can change everything…

Originally, Four Season Summer, and its sequel, Season’s End, were released as separate short stories for the Amazon Kindle. In June 2015, they were re-released in a combined paperback edition.

“Ellie Rose McKee blends light and dark wonderfully as this teenage love story takes a turn for the worst. We’re given a lesson in forgiveness and letting go, which Ellie portrays honestly showing us that while you may grow from experience, not every experience can be settled amicably. Mckee takes a snapshot of life after tragedy and, refreshingly, doesn’t try to fix it. She leaves us with endless possibilities, showing that a future is still obtainable.”
– The Bandwaggon Blog

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